It's all about BIG DREAMS from tiny little steps!

I have eaten many elephants in my life,  I mean I have tackled many challenging big tasks because I BELIEVE everything is possible.

I am a Dreamer, my mind goes faster than my own soul but I try to keep up with it.  I have been told so many times that I can not make my dreams come true that I STOPPED paying attention and just have fun CREATING and developing my ideas.

 9 Things that make me "ME"
  1. I am always loosing my socks for a weird reason I can not keep them in pairs even when I am wearing them.
  2. I am an Architect and a web-designer but I dedicate my life to drawing and crafting parties.
  3. Spanish is my first language but I love English with all my hearth.
  4.  When I got married, I run around Rome in my wedding dress with running shoes.
  5. I call my mother twice a day.
  6. I wrote 2000 mini poems in high school.
  7. My secret superpower is persistence, some people can define me as intense.
  8. Traveling is one of my passions, I have been in many many places, my favorite one is Thailand.
  9. I cook every day Colombian food. Fresh healthy  food.

I am a party designer with a gigantic Imagination

Do you want to say hello or work with me in an excited project or do you want me to create your next amazing party?

CONTACT ME I would love to hear from you.

"I believe in the magic of tiny happy moments. Childhood memories make us who we are and help us to CREATE who we want to be” MariaPalito

I believe we can create happiness around us and we can help others to do it. I use my talents to help others to create happy and unforgettable moments around their life celebrations. Any event in people's lives should be a big CELEBRATION with party hats, big balloons and many many decorations in many many colors because Life is too short... to not celebrate.

I feel very special when people trust me to help them with their life event celebrations. I feel I am an invisible fairy that makes it happen.